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Property Management & Technical Consulting

One stop solutions

With the service line INNOGEST by Living Solutions sarl we offer one stop solutions for all your needs in terms of property management, syndic, technical consulting services, building services as well as facility management: prompt incidence response, gardening and cleaning services, smart home solutions and more.

Just lay back and relax while we “take care” of everything.

Just lay back and relax
while we take care of everything


Zen Property Management

The big keyword for a smooth running syndic is an open ear for clients' needs! We strive to build a long-term relation with the advisory board and the community of owners. This means transparency
in all our dealings and innovative technology to communicate
with you in a timely manner. Our aim is to manage your assets efficently and care for your property like it's our own. 

Building Maintenance

Innovative Technical Consulting

With our technical director Christophe Buffadini we rely on deep
10 year’s experience in the technical area facing complex and very
different aspects of the technical business. He continually adapts to new innovative techniques like smart home solutions, solar energy or
water technologies offering a wide range of possibilities to respond
to your needs. We strive to support you maintaining the value of your property while managing your cost.

Member of Chambre Immobilière Luxembourg






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